3 Gigs in 30 Days

"Three Speaking Gigs in 30 Days" is a comprehensive course aimed at aspiring and established speakers who want to secure three speaking engagements within a month. Led by David Corsini, a certified public speaker and owner of Inspiring Speakers, this course offers practical, actionable steps to jumpstart or revitalize your speaking career. Through three detailed modules, you will learn to craft compelling messages, actively find speaking opportunities, and effectively sell yourself to secure engagements. This course is designed to enhance your speaking skills, build your credibility, and establish a sustainable flow of speaking opportunities.

What You'll Learn

Crafting messages tailored to event planners and audiences.

Developing a strategic mindset for booking speaking gigs.

Creating an effective outreach strategy.

Mastering high-stakes meetings and engagement techniques.

Tailoring presentations to maximize impact and relevance.

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