Profitable Content Writing For Speakers

As a speaker, you create content. And one of the most popular types of content you’ll create for your speaking and branded expert business is “how to” content. This content includes your step-by-step articles, tutorials and similar guides.

Your first step (which is true of all of these content types) is to make sure you’re creating something that your audience really wants. This course will teach you how to craft better content, regardless of what type it is. Whether you are creating sales copy or information products, your goal is to hook your customers and keep them engaged.
Tell relevant stories to connect with readers on a personal level, inject humor to engage people, build anticipation at the beginning for what’s coming. Offer something unique (stories, case studies, tips, examples, etc.). Share your content in a new way, such as by creating a “formula” around your how-to process, and watch your bottom-line soar!
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